We do only one thing: design process controls in manufacturing environments. A narrow focus means we are experts in one critical, complex area of your business. We provide qualified resources to support your internal team with depth of knowledge and experience. Our team has upgraded DCS technology at more than 50 process plants and provided support and engineering for more than 150 businesses since we were founded in 2002.



Transparency: At Trident Automation, we want you to use our services because of our expertise, not because we have the only key to unlock your system. We work in a collaborative environment by designing an open system. We document our work (as opposed to hiding code) so any other system engineer can follow our logic.

Integrity: Innovation alone does not guarantee productivity. Our experts have proven experience in the manufacturing field and we understand how to apply innovation to your specific situation.


Jerry Wenzel, Founder and Chief Knowledge Officer

Jerry has served as lead controls engineer on numerous large process systems and is an expert in distributed control systems, process design, configuration and start up. He founded Trident Automation in 2002 after working in a variety of corporate positions. Jerry develops Trident’s continually expanding base of engineers through training and mentoring programs. He is a graduate of Milwaukee School of Engineering and an electrical engineer. When he’s not at the office he’s on his bike logging road miles in the United States and even Europe. Depending on the time of year, you may see him sporting a bushy beard which he considers insulation for his road work.


Jason D. Hurst, Principal and CEO

Jason began his career with Moore Products Company as a sales representative for industrial controls systems, then as a service engineer dedicated to integrating Moore’s DCS products. In that position, he worked with more than 40 companies to support their DCS products. In 2002, he joined Jerry as the second partner in Trident Automation and continues to use his technical skills as an integrator for Trident’s customers. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin—Madison with a degree in mechanical engineering. And about owning that bowling alley—yes, it’s Jason’s. We also call him the Tycoon of Kaukauna where he lives and owns several commercial properties. And for those of you keeping track of the Star Wars versus Star Trek, he’s a Trekkie.


Don Jolly, Principal and Senior Controls Engineer (retired)

Although he’s officially retired, Don’s expertise is on call for our customers. He has more than 20 years of experience as a process controls engineer, instrumentation and controls engineer, and field service engineer for companies and as a consulting engineer. In 2002, Don joined Jerry and Jason as the third partner in Trident Automation. He can currently be found obsessing over his totally cute puppy Quincy and going on continual adventures with his wife Lori.



Shane Seif, Principal and Director of Software Development

Shane is an entrepreneur turned business owner and specializes in customizing IT solutions for process control systems. He has authored web solutions on a range of technologies with a primary focus in C# .NET environments which are often used in manufacturing industries. In 2010 he formed Trident InTech, then merged with Trident Automation in 2017. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin Madison with a degree in computer science. In his off hours, he’s a coach for youth sports but says he really likes to be a couch potato and watch sports on TV!