Trident Automation translates technology into productivity

We offer customized process control solutions for the process industries that keep plants online and efficient. Our engineers are experienced in integrating control platforms and do only one thing: process technology. Our narrow focus means you have an experienced team solving your complex problems.

Trident SievePACĀ©

Created specifically for ethanol plants, Trident SievePACĀ© enhances the operation of molecular sieves by creating a set of enhanced function blocks. Now, making changes to a standard sequence to meet varying operating requirements is at your fingertips.

Trident Products

Flexible sequencing

Adjust sequence times easily

Intelligent alarming

Trident TermPACĀ©

TermPACĀ© is our newest hardware technology and is designed to make system installations and expansions easy, more efficient, and cost effective.

Trident Products

1 termination panel=easy!

Upgrade without rewiring

Integrates with all major DCS

Trident FlamePACĀ©

Trident Automationā€™s burner management system, FlamePACĀ©, gives you a robust tool to assure the safe operation of the burners in your plant with exceptionally easy to understand trip and diagnostic information. The burners in your dryers and TOs are critical to the operation of your plant --thatā€™s where FlamePAC Ā© comes in.

Trident Products

First indication of a fault

Easy root causes analysis

Robust & customized

Trident Workbench Suite

This product features web-based data collection and reporting that gives you the information you need to run your plant no matter where you are. Our product design adapts to any environment or we can customize the suite of products to fit your specific applications.

Trident Products

Suite of customized modules

Robust reporting

Mobile data tracking

Trident Cabling Solution

Designed and created by our engineers, our customized cabling interface modifies terminations to make wiring schematics that work in a variety of applications.

Trident Products

Faster system migration

Customized wiring connections