Trident Automation’s burner management system, FlamePAC©, gives you a robust tool to assure the safe operation of the burners in your plant with exceptionally easy to understand trip and diagnostic information. The burners in your dryers and TOs are critical to the operation of your plant –that’s where FlamePAC© comes in. FlamePAC© is a powerful, feature filled solution, with concise and easy to understand graphics that significantly improves the ability to start, operate and troubleshoot burners.

FlamePAC© alarming gives you the ability to fully analyze the data to quickly narrow down and precisely locate the cause of error, rectify the issue and get the system up and running.

Design Standards:

· IEC 61508 and IEC 61511
· ANSI/ISA S84.01 Functional Safety
· NFPA 85/86 Flame Safety

FlamePAC© is TESTED on live burner before it is shipped to your plant for installation.





An increase in overall safety.

Safety rated PLC; platform agnostic.

Improved efficiency by reducing normal startup time.

Pilot Flame Detection and monitoring.

Increased visibility to system operation and performance.

Automated Block Valve Leak Test.

Built in troubleshooting tools, which can lead to significant reduction in downtime.

Start-up, first out and system alarms/trips/diagnostics messages.

Trip totalizer allowing easier root-cause analysis of downtime.

Accurate and easy to understand first out indication of what caused the trip or fault.

Simple, concise graphics for fast information.

Displays the current status of all interlocks.

Helps maintain efficient plant operations.

Provides trip counters to track which devices cause the most trips.


Status of proof of closure limits of individual safety valves.


Allows optional replacement existing flame amplifier and/or scanner.


Check out this video with PCC and the Trident Automation team where we discuss and demonstrate Trident FlamePAC© BMS leveraging Siemens failsafe PLC technology on a live burner!

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