Product Spotlight: FlamePACĀ© Burner Management System

Ā  Ā  Trident Automationā€™s burner management system, FlamePACĀ©, gives you a robust tool to assure the safe operation of the burners in your plant with exceptionally easy to understand trip and diagnostic information. The burners in your dryers and TOs are critical to the operation of your plant –thatā€™s where FlamePACĀ© comes in. FlamePACĀ© is a powerful, feature filled solution, with concise and easy to understand graphics that significantly improves the ability to start, operate and troubleshoot burners. FlamePACĀ© alarming […] Read More

Ditch the black box and increase diagnostics!

Wherever fuel is burned ā€“ furnaces, ovens, kilns, dryers, boilers and other kinds of facilities ā€“ there is burner management system (BMS) in play. The basic nature of these systems with the use of explosive gases and extreme temperatures makes safety paramount. Historically the control systems running these processes have been ā€œblack boxā€ solutions that are expensive and tough to troubleshoot. A recent revision to NFPAĀ standards now allows the use of SIL3 capable off the shelf PLCs in place of […] Read More