Trident Workbench Suite

This workhorse of DCS contains several modules that can be integrated together or individually depending on the customer’s needs. This product features web-based data collection and reporting that gives you the information you need to run your plant no matter where you are. Our product design adapts to any environment or we can customize the suite of products to fit your specific applications.

  • High impact dashboards with real-time updates
  • Robust reporting capabilities
  • Data analysis in one easy to use web application
  • Priced well below the competition
  • Our offered modules can be used as a stand-alone product or integrated with the full Trident Workbench Suite.

The Trident Workbench Suite contains these modules:

Lab  & Data Collection Module

A full suite of data collection and analysis tools in easy-to-read graphs and charts that seamlessly fits between your control system, APC, business and HPLC lab networks to increase efficiency and accuracy. Any data you collect manually can be loaded, saved, and accessed in other digital applications. With this add on, information is available in real-time to measure performance by anyone in the plant. In addition to analyzing the fermentation process for ethanol plants, users can expand the suite to record and analyze data in other areas.

  • Enter and track more data other than just batches
  • Role-based security
  • Information is recorded in relational database organized for reporting.
  • New functionality creates custom forms for data entry. D & E, Cook data, and Batch Ingredients are just a few ideas for form customization.
  • Multi-browser support: IE6, IE7, IE8, Mozilla Firefox 3.5, and Google Chrome.
Trident KPI Module

Imagine knowing your plant’s profitability simply by looking at one data set! If you’re still trying to collect and integrate production data by hand, the KPI Module will give you timely, accurate reporting and measurement of plant functions. This module allows you to define your Key Performance Indicators, automatically collect and summarize their values, and present them in timely, professionally written reports, graphs, and dashboards. You decide which measurements are most important and how the information should be displayed AND information can be accessed over the Internet.

  • Track raw materials consumption, finished goods production, inventories and other measures
  • Any Historian or Lab Module data may be automatically imported and / or summarized
  • Automatic collection of equipment downtime data
  • Scalable: can easily measure a few KPIs or hundreds of KPIs
  • Allows tracking for aligned KPIs—values other than time such as volume or other events.
  • End user can manipulate reports for the ultimate customization.
Trident Workbench Mobile Module

Get the power of Workbench in a smartphone app at your fingertips. Our mobile app allows users to sync before and after data entry, allowing the app to work even without network connectivity. When you do have network connectivity, the app offers many features for data trending and monitoring, all on your own mobile device. You have data on demand!

  • Camera Integration: Use the app to take photos and attach them to relevant Lab forms.
  • Data Visualization: The app offers access to your already defined trends in the KPI Module while also allowing for custom comparisons on demand.
  • Data Monitoring: Set up monitor lists that show current values and trends. In addition, you can view dashboards marked for mobile use in your dashboard system.
Trident Workbench Dashboard Module

Create your own customized drag and drop dashboards! You decide if you want to monitor trends, charts, data, tables either in live reporting or aggregated reporting. And it’s all on your cellphone or home computer!

  • Works with any browser
  • Uses standard icons
  • Allows you to log into your DCS and download information directly
Trident Workbench Reports Engine Module

You are no longer tied to one standard station to run reports. With this module, we build a web-based report you can process anywhere and transfer digitally. The ultimate in instant communication and information sharing!

  • Information is uploaded from the central DCS
  • Once in the module, digital distribution is enabled via email, file distribution or automated printing.


Created specifically for ethanol plants, Trident SievePAC© enhances the operation of molecular sieves by creating a set of enhanced function blocks. Now, making changes to a standard sequence to meet varying operating requirements is at your fingertips. Trident SievePAC© will allow you to run sequences of 2, 3, or 4 bottles and dynamically select the number of beds in the sequence. This product will:

  • Reduce the impact of cycling on the sieve beads,
  • Allow flexible sequencing,
  • Allow a straightforward way of adjusting sequence times and coordinate sequences between multiple sets of bottles.

For your plant you realize these benefits:

  • Ramped analog valves minimize the high-velocity swings that can abrade sieve beds and stress mechanical equipment.
  • Flexible sequencing allows bottles to be taken off line for maintenance.
  • Straightforward time settings can be changed while the sieves are running.
  • Coordination of multiple sets of sieves to minimize the impact of the sequencing on the process.
  • Intelligent Alarming: Sieve problems are now reported to the operators for immediate attention.


Trident TermPAC©

One panel that plugs into your existing or new DCS and instantly brings you efficiency. Hard to believe? Not from the innovators at Trident. Our newest hardware technology is called TermPAC© and is designed to make system installations and expansions easy, more efficient, and cost-effective. With one termination board, our system integrators can upgrade your DCS without needing to rewire. Our TermPAC© integrates with every major DCS on the market today! This innovative technology board consolidates electronics, I/O terminals, or pre-built plug & play cables into one board. Imagine reducing upgrade time and making the process efficient—you can with Trident’s TermPAC©

  • One termination panel handles analog inputs and outputs. Each input channel supports 2 or 4 wire instruments
  • Provides per-channel test points to connect a milliamp meter without breaking the loop
  • Has a PTC fuse for each channel that resets automatically when a wiring short is repaired.
  • Works with Siemens PCS7 & APACS, Rockwell PlantPAx, Foxboro IA, Honeywell PKX & lx, Emerson Delta V.
  • So much more!

Trident FlamePAC©

Trident Automation’s burner management system, FlamePAC©, gives you a robust tool to assure the safe operation of the burners in your plant with exceptionally easy to understand trip and diagnostic information. The burners in your dryers and TOs are critical to the operation of your plant –that’s where FlamePAC© comes in. Most importantly, FlamePAC© gives the first indication of what caused a trip or fault and provides trip counters to identify and focus on the worse offenders. This allows you to focus on the most system-critical alarms and troubleshoot quickly and efficiently. FlamePAC© provides:

  • Increased visibility of system operation and performance
  • Trip totalizer allowing easier root-cause analysis of downtime
  • Installs in existing BMS panels

Trident FlamePAC© is tested on live burner before it is shipped to your plant for installation.  

Trident Cabling Solution

Migrating systems requires time-consuming connections–re-wiring errors, complicated diagrams and crowded control panels are just some of the problems with traditional approaches. Trident’s Cabling Solution makes thousands of accurate connections fast and easy. Designed and created by our engineers, our customized cabling interface modifies terminations to make wiring schematics that work in a variety of applications. All cables are pre-fabricated at Trident ensuring uniform quality and ease of installation. The results: Faster system migration—in one job, cutting the time to connect 64 terminations to 15 minutes. Take the hassle out of system migration with this fast, easy, product from Trident!