Trident provides “factory level support” because in many cases we support major manufacturers at the highest level available in the marketplace through customization, integration and innovation.

Whatever system you currently have in your plant, Trident can integrate, upgrade, or tailor functions according to your unique needs.

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At Trident, we are able to efficiently update the HMI of your APACS to help you take advantage of new technology, features and functions. Siemens’ APACS OS®, which is based on the latest version of PCS7’s operation interface, incorporates a modular design for your legacy APACS system and can perform the functions of distributed control and/or programmable logic control for both continuous and batch control. The completed control system consists of three major components:

  • The Human Machine Interface (HMI).
  • The APACS system consists of one or more control and I/O modules. All modules are microprocessor based.
  • Field instruments wired to the I/O modules provide the inputs and outputs to the APACS system.

Plant PAx ® Process Automation System

In partnership with Rockwell Automation, we offer Rockwell’s PlantPAx Process Automation system that provides an integrated solution to replace an aging DCS or install new system. It offers easy design, deployment, and improved visibility providing functionality across a range of discliplines in real time including:

  • Control & I/O Engineering & configuration tools
  • Safety & critical control Batch management & control
  • Industrial security Operator effectiveness
  • Asset management Advanced process control
  • Operations productivity


  • Trident is a Solution Partner Specialist for Siemens presenting this system to help you integrate project planning, configuration, commissioning, diagnostics and maintenance in one powerful tool.
  • Simplified engineering helps reduce operating costs
  • Highly reliable and flexible hardware solutions meet your smallest and largest production needs.
  • Optimize processes and operating equipment in real time.

Centrally manage instrumentation and electrical assts for configuration, calibration, and maintenance diagnostics.