OpX Control was founded in 2013 by Dr. Hank Brittain. Dr. Brittain had previously spent 12 years working in process control optimization for Top Control USA (the sole U.S. employee of the Canadian Company, Top Control, Inc.) and prior to this, 15 years for Procter & Gamble, the last four recruiting, building and training a local process control organization in Asia (China, Japan, Thailand).

The Core Business of OpX Control Inc. is the analysis, trouble shooting, and improvement of your Process Control System. This includes the regulatory control layer (PID), with solutions for additional options (ARC – Advanced Regulatory Control, APC, Fuzzy logic, etc.) as needed. The simplest approach is best, but there are limits to PID Control.

Training is available on the OpX methodology with free in-house tools and also on several commercially available tools, utilizing course materials assembled from actual plant examples, research, experience and feedback from industry. Practical examples are used to facilitate comprehension of the concepts presented during our courses. Simulations are used by the instructor during training to allow participants to see the outcome of their work.

Also, check out how better control made a different with a team effort between Trident and OpX!

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Hank Brittain
Director of Optimizaiton & Advanced Control
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