Trident Workbench–a product that aggregates data across your organization into one spot. Easy to access. Available to your entire team. Allows you to maintain the pulse of your company with real time feedback. All from Trident Automation.

This suite of products includes modules that can be integrated or stand-alone. Each product allows you to customize data collection according to your needs–and share data with team members or vendors.

Lab & Data Collection Module: Our data collection module shares information across platforms, records in a relational database, and allows multiple forms of data extraction. We tailor the module to collect data in alignment with how the you do business, not the other way around.

KPI Module: Our KPI Module lets you set key performance indicators, automatically collect and summarize values, and present data near real-time. This gives you the ability to pull data from the system to share, analyze and evaluate plant information from a web browser in a few clicks–laid out the way you want it.

Workbench Dashboard Module: Using our dashboard, you can bring real-time information to your plant personnel via dashboard displays through-out the plant or direct to your mobile devices.

Alert Module: With our Alert Module, you can configure monitors for your process to be proactive instead of reactive. Use the system to monitor things like active downtime, inventory needs, or environmental compliance. This platform allows you to keep everyone in the loop.

Mobile Module: All of Workbench’s power in your hand. Our mobile app works even without network connectivity! You have options for data trending and monitoring and it’s 100% paperless!

Trident’s Workbench Suite lets you collect, monitor, analyze and review data YOUR way. It’s the IT/OT coverage tool you’ve been looking for. Sift through information and find the data that keeps you productive, efficient, and informed. Contact us about our Trident Workbench solution today at [email protected]!