Trident Automation serves more ethanol producers than any other systems integrator

We started designing and installing operating systems for ethanol plants in 2003 and we have surpassed 5,000 individual projects done for ethanol producers. We serve about 50% of the ethanol market and provide control solutions specific to this industry. We are proud to have served ethanol producers in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Kentucky, Oregon, Idaho, California, Arizona, Texas, and Tennessee.

Trident engineers and owners have hands-on experience at ethanol plants.

Our customers trust our boots on the ground approach to keep their plants running. We routinely dispatch teams to work on-site to design systems that provide the maximum efficiency for their teams. This means we get to know each individual ethanol customer and the quirks with every operating system. Our goal is to integrate the best products on the market, but to customize solutions for each plant.

Trident can execute installs in hours or days—whatever meets ethanol production needs.

Our teams have installed an entire operating system in four hours (read the case study about Louis Dreyfus Commodities on our website). Or read about how we installed a system upgrade in 60 hours at the nation’s largest ethanol plant. Tight time frames require innovative design and pre-planning and our crews specialize in both.

Here’s what one of our customers, Jason Marquis, COO of Marquis Energy has to say about our teams: “If you look culturally at the people they bring out here to do work for us, these are people I trust. When they’re out here they’re working and working hard. More importantly they’re very reliable—if something they do doesn’t work, they fix it.”

Before you believe everything out there online, find the facts from the ethanol industry’s most trusted systems integrator. And, if you’d like to learn more, plan to visit with us at the Fuel Ethanol Workshop at booth numbers 627 & 726 June 19-21 in Minneapolis where we’ll be sharing the best practices for our ethanol customers.

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