Right now, ethanol plants are fermenting on schedule, factory processes are running efficiently, and new technology is being switched on thanks to Trident Automation. This year, the controls automation firm celebrates 20 years in business designing process controls for manufacturing environment.

“We like to think of ourselves as ‘in the pipes’ type of guys,” says Jason Hurst, CEO of Trident Automation. “Our job is to regulate and control anything that flows through a pipe or requires measurement in an automated process.”

Jason Hurst, Don Jolly and Jerry Wenzel founded the company after working in system engineering positions at a variety of corporations. Their initial goal was to provide customers with customized solutions that often integrated a variety of control platforms. Over the years, their business has grown in both employees and ownership as fast as computer technology has transformed the workplace.

Jerry Wenzel

Don Jolly

Jason Hurst

For manufacturing companies, adapting, and automating systems is often a challenge that requires a fresh approach from an outside consultant. Trident’s staff of engineers can integrate technology from leading controls companies (such as Rockwell, Emerson, Schneider or Siemens), and then design and implement customized solutions where none exist on the market.

“We’ve been able to work with the top manufacturing companies in the world and customize processes for any size plant,” Hurst said. “Our team has the education and experience to find solutions to any automation challenge.”

Years ago, installing computer systems and networked controls seemed like a luxury for manufacturers, but today more affordable hardware and customized software put automation within the range of any producer. Trident’s business started in the pulp & paper industry, power, and mining, then expanded into chemical and ethanol sectors. Today, Trident’s expertise and depth of knowledge in controls engineering serves companies worldwide.

The company has also evolved to provide products to include:

  • A suite of software modules that can be integrated or used stand-alone to automate and collect operational data, create drag-and-drop dashboards, generate reports, and much more.
  • Specialized code designed to create and maintain operational efficiency for plants including Burner Management Systems, molecular sieve operation and entire front end sequencing.
  • Products that address Industrial Hardening and Cybersecurity within the manufacturing system.

In a technology industry, it’s almost impossible to predict future developments, but in recent years Hurst and his team have realized a shift to mobile technology. Increasingly, plant operators and owners want 24/7 access to their manufacturing environments. As a result, Trident has adapted products and systems to work on smartphones as well as computer stations in remote locations.

“It’s all about real-time access to operational information,” Hurst said. “Our customers want access to information immediately and want that information available to anyone in the plant. Our products and customized systems allow that flexibility.”

“We have this saying that we like to work with our customer, not for our customer,” Hurst added.

For more information, visit www.tridentautomation.com.

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