A benefit of using a process control professional is to stay in the loop on developing trends within the industry. One such trend is the DeltaV platform from Emerson, which is getting a lot of buzz among our customers recently.

“With intuitive navigation, an easy to use programming workspace, versatile hardware, and a fully vetted suite of process control software; DeltaV is a well-rounded, user friendly platform,” said Alex Schuh, a controls engineer for Trident Automation.

A major advantage of DeltaV comes from its flexibility and simplicity. Through electronic marshalling, DeltaV systems can mix and match I/O channel types in a compact form factor to help save on engineering time, conserve cabinet space, and reduce cost. “In addition to the standard S-series hardware, the PK controller is another extremely powerful piece of Emerson hardware” Schuh said. “Whether being used as a standalone solution for smaller applications, or to integrate third party devices into your control system, the PK controller’s variety of communication protocols and processing power make it a valuable addition to the DCS platform.”

Alex Schuh, Control Engineer I

From an operations standpoint, DeltaV utilizes a human centered design display to help minimize visual distractions and nuisance alarms to allow operators to effectively identify urgent information more quickly. Schuh added, “through the use of grayscale graphics along with the built in DeltaV symbol library, the HMI can be easily developed to provide meaningful data to operators. The platform also does an excellent job displaying new alarms as they come in and highlighting the most critical alarming elements for the operator to keep an eye on.”

The flexibility, simplicity, and ease of use are critical for plants making an investment in control system upgrades. “Using Emerson’s CHARMs I/O when upgrading from another platform reduces the complexity of the wiring and lets you leverage the existing IO cabinets which helps simplify the install,” said Jason Hurst, the CEO of Trident Automation. “Emerson additionally has a full suite of products that can be easily added at any time during the DCS lifecycle.”

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