Meet Ryan Kuper, our newest employee who knows automation from the customer side and the consultant side. Ryan is Trident’s Process Control and Automation Strategist based in the heart of corn country, Ackley Iowa. He made the jump from customer to consultant after 25 years in process automation for the ethanol, food, and agricultural chemical industries. He provides an “inside the plant” perspective for customers and has some best practices based on real-life experience.

Having worked on both sides of the customer/consultant relationship, he can provide customers with Trident’s best capabilities to increase efficiencies at any size ethanol plant. Just what does he know?

“Most plants don’t think of automating,” Ryan said. “A lot of efficiency is gained by eliminating manual steps in the process mainly around energy centers, fermentation areas and the blend tank.” According to Ryan, plants can realize these benefits:
• Fermentation will be more consistent with automated processes.
• Automation eliminates the variations between work shifts.
• Liberating staff from actually running the plant allows them to manage the plant and focus on higher priority tasks.

Ryan’s direct experience at smaller and larger ethanol plants gives him perspective that few in the industry have. “Much of the automation Trident does is proven technology in place at larger plants, so smaller plants can be confident the investment will help overall profits.”
Automation ensures consistency that helps plants in long-term sustainability of the ethanol market. “Even smaller plants can gain profitability from increased consistency,” Ryan says.

Years ago, installing computer systems and networked controls seemed like a luxury for producers, but today’s more affordable hardware and customized software put automation within the range of any producer.

“We’ve been able to work with the top manufacturing companies in the world and customize processes for any size plant,” said Trident CEO Jason Hurst. “Having Ryan on the ground to assess production and recommend automation from a range of providers will take plants to next level production.”

Interested in a process review to increase efficiency at your plant? Please contact [email protected] for more information.

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