Reduce installation time and enhance maintenance with Trident’s newest innovation.

Constant innovation—it’s the hallmark of working with Trident. The latest innovation for Trident customers is the result of perfecting a solution to a problem faced in many DCS environments—ripping out an old system and replacing it with a new one in a short timeframe.  The challenges of moving thousands  of field wires to the new DCS is a painstaking process.


“We are always looking for more ways to optimize a rip and replace,” said Jerry Wenzel, Chief Knowledge Officer, Trident automation. “I wanted to streamline the process of re-landing field wiring to the new DCS along with providing additional features and on-going value for the customer.

Wenzel’s solution was to create a product called TermPAC© — a compact, feature-rich solution to connecting field wiring to a new or existing DCS. He had first-hand experience with the time-consuming process of attaching cables from the endpoint to the control system, then hooking up meters and testing fuses. “There had to be an easier way,” Wenzel said.

After several prototypes, input from field personnel and months of testing, Trident developed and tested the TermPAC© design. Hundreds of TermPAC© termination assemblies are currently installed in 4 plants. “We looked long and hard for an existing solution that incorporates the features we were looking for. No product had even half of the features we feel are important in a termination system optimized for process control.” Wenzel said.

“We strive to use existing solutions when they exist and create solid, easily supportable solutions where none exist. I believe this termination system has more features that any other termination system in the world.”

The system is built with modular components and works with all major DCS platforms on the market. The TermPAC© technology board consolidates features on an easily replaceable board that secures to a base containing field IO terminals, DCS & power connectors. This allows users to replace technology boards for repair or additional features and upgrade their control system without having to re-terminate any field wiring.

In creating the system, Trident designed features that bring long-term benefits:

  • Components are modular, allowing for fast and easy replacement or maintenance.
  • One termination assembly handles loop powered, field powered and analog outputs.
  • Provides per-channel test points to connect a milliamp meter or HART handheld without breaking the loop.
  • Has a solid state fuse for each channel that resets automatically when a wiring short is repaired and an LED that will indicate a field wiring short.
  • End users can quickly connect TermPAC to their DCS with a prebuilt cable solution or use more traditional hand wiring.
  • A terminating resistor can be switched in if a field instrument is disconnected. This prevents unwanted diagnostic errors on that channel.
  • A bypass feature turns the base board into a pure terminal block if there is a need to run without the technology board.
  • Works with Siemens PCS7 & APACS, Rockwell PlantPAX, Foxboro IA, Honeywell PKX & LX, Emerson Delta V.

The system will make field wiring easier and faster, it will also make maintenance and troubleshooting easier for customers.

TermPAC© is available for purchase and will be debuted at the FEW Workshop and Expo June 11-3, 2018 held in Omaha, Nebraska. For information on FEW, please visit To schedule an in-person demonstration from Trident, please contact [email protected] and ask about TermPAC©.

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