We’ve all been there: after a meeting with a vendor, you don’t remember a thing because you didn’t understand the layers of technology. If that ever happens here at Trident, we have failed. Our primary goal is to build a control system our customers understand—a system that is easy to maintain and grow with each business.

Our three founders grew up in the controls industry and have seen your business from the inside out. Our customers trust our boots on the ground approach to keep their plants running. This means we get to know each individual ethanol customer and the quirks with every operating system. Our goal is to integrate the best products on the market, and to customize solutions for each plant.

It all starts at the top and we’d like to share the philosophy that keeps our customers happy.

Owner Jerry Wenzel founded Trident Automation in 2002 after working in a variety of engineering positions. He is a degreed engineer and a recognized expert in distributed control systems, process design, configuration, and startup. Here’s what he has to say about building transparency into our control systems:


Owner Jason Hurst joined Jerry as the second partner in Trident. While working with Moore Products, he integrated DCS products into more than 40 companies and has a thorough understanding of working with our customers. Listen to what he says about creating a culture of customer service:


Owner Don Jolly is retired, but his impact on Trident is still active. He joined Jerry and Jason as a partner after a career as a process controls and instrumentation engineer. Under his leadership, Trident team members developed a high level of expertise to solve problems for our customers. Here’s what he says about innovation:


As you consider upgrading or replacing your control system, contact us to learn more about how Trident can solve your control system problems.

Contact us at [email protected] or call 920-759-7477.


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