You can take all the YouTube videos and online tutorials you want, but nothing beats old-fashioned, hands-on experience. That’s why Trident Automation recently attended Rockwell Automation on the Move in Green Bay, Wisconsin and why Stacy Mancl, controls engineer, looked forward to the interactive sessions. “I found the labs were the most useful because they gave me a chance to play with things I’ve never played with before,” she said. The event included a trade show, technical sessions and labs.

In her role at Trident, Stacy is called on to design and implement control solutions for customers. She has a degree in mechanical engineering and has been on the Trident team since 2013, but hands-on experimentation is a direct benefit for her customers. “This time, I focused more on Rockwell’s safety technology,” Stacy said. “We’re developing some new products in this area, so this helps me offer our customers the latest and greatest on the market.” Trident Automation is a Systems Integrator for Rockwell.

Demo labs were set up using the physical equipment and systems to mirror a customer’s environment where Stacy could create a safety hazard and shut it off, then learn how Rockwell provided solutions. She gave what might be the highest praise for a tech/computer/systems geek: “It was COOL stuff.”

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