With more than 5,000 ethanol projects under our belt, Trident is the top DCS designer and integrator for the ethanol industry. Before you believe everything you hear or read, consider the facts:

  • We have served more than 50% of the ethanol market with innovative technology solutions designed to keep their plants running.
  • We have 40 team members at our headquarters.
  • Our team has four PCS 7 certified engineers—only possible with a factory direct solutions partner.
  • Trident Automation has been serving the ethanol industry since 2003 and our founding partners worked in the industry for years prior to starting the company.
  • We’ve earned the trust of the nation’s largest ethanol producer, Marquis energy. Learn more about how we’ve helped this plant grow by viewing a short video.

Before you believe everything out there online, find the facts from the ethanol industry’s most trusted systems integrator. And, if you’d like to learn more, plan to visit with us at the Fuel Ethanol Workshop June 19-21, 2017 in Minneapolis where we’ll be sharing the best practices for our ethanol customers.

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