When you consider upgrading or installing a DCS architecture, here are some quick tips from our engineering experts. Rick Tenor is a project manager and controls engineer on our team and is experienced in creating new control systems and upgrading existing systems.

Tips for creating a RELIABLE system:

Size the system right: Many manufacturers design a system to meet today’s needs and don’t consider expanding it as processes grow or evolve. Make sure you are building a system that can handle your production and future expansion.

Keep the system focused: When you’re building a network, resist the urge to put multiple systems on the DCS network. Keep it focused on the critical equipment your process relies upon.

Keep up the maintenance: You can build a system with alarms and backups, but if the backup fails and you neglect to fix it, you have a problem waiting to happen. Make sure you check how the controllers are running and verify if the memory and processing capacity are close to maximum. Check the log files to make sure there are no errors that have been un-detected. If you have alarms, verify that they have not been manually disabled.

Above all, Rick says to be familiar with your system and regularly examine how it is working so you stay in control of your processes and keep production rolling. For more information, please contact Rick directly at [email protected] or send us your question at [email protected].

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