When you consider upgrading or installing a DCS architecture, here are some quick tips from our engineering experts. Rick Tenor is a project manager and controls engineer on our team and is experienced in creating new control systems and upgrading existing systems.

Tips for creating a system that’s EASY TO USE:

At Trident, we build systems on an open platform and don’t lock down code so our customers can easily trouble shoot on their own. If you’re considering building a control system from the ground up, Rick has a few pointers to ensure your system is easy to use.

Keep interfaces consistent: We use our vendors’ libraries and don’t create our own “Trident branded” process objects. Make sure your symbols that correspond to programming logic are similar. If you’re pulling up a faceplate for operation, make sure it has a similar look and feel of your other imagery.

Keep your alarms clean: A plant that is operating efficiently should not have dozens of active alarms. Manage your alarms so the operators can distinguish what is really important.

Keep the logic layout consistent: Make sure your sequences are well-documented and keep your processes modular. That way, if someone is looking for a specific process, it will be intuitive to find and interpret

Rick adds that many industrial and manufacturing firms don’t have full time control engineers on staff. By creating a system architecture that has a goal of easy operation, many control technicians can update and trouble shoot process issues on their own. For more information, please contact Rick directly at [email protected] or send us your question at [email protected].

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