What happens when an internet search actually brings a new customer to your door? What happens if that new customer is in an emergency? If you’re Trident Automation, you act fast and get results.

Imperia Foods is a cheese manufacturer in Montfort, Wisconsin and a critical piece of equipment broke. The plant was running on a Siemens system, but when they were cleaning equipment one of their main mixers HMI broke that was used to make non-dairy cheese.  They needed a company who could help them immediately, and a Google search turned up Trident.

That’s when they called Jeff Meneau, a control engineer at Trident. Jeff immediately talked with the maintenance contact at the plant and started to triage the system over the phone. He understood the problem, found a distributor that had the part in stock, and set up a site visit for the next day.

Jeff Meneau
Trident Automation

If you’re paying attention, the call came in at noon and by the end of the business day, Jeff had diagnosed the problem, ordered parts, and made an appointment to visit the plant. He drove from Trident’s plant in Northeast Wisconsin to the distributor to pick up the part, and then drove to Montfort, a small town in southern Wisconsin almost three hours away.

Once at the plant, he transferred the operating program off of the broken HMI, installed the new part, double-checked it was working and re-installed the program. Total time to solve the program: less than 24 hours.

“We had a great experience with Trident,” said Mike Berg, Plant Manager from Imperia. “We called them one day, they were here the next, brought in the display and were able to install it and transfer the program while they were here.”

“They were super happy that they were back in production, and the part is still working,” Meneau said. “And all they did was Google us.” He adds that he left instructions that if anything else broke, Trident was always available to help!

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