One panel that plugs into your existing or new DCS and instantly brings you efficiency. Hard to believe? Not from the innovators at Trident.

Our newest hardware technology is called TermPAC© and is designed to make system installations and expansions easy, more efficient, and cost-effective. With one termination board, our system integrators can upgrade your DCS without needing to rewire. Our TermPAC© integrates with every major DCS on the market today!

This innovative technology board consolidates electronics, I/O terminals, or pre-built plug & play cables into one board. Imagine reducing upgrade time and making the process efficient—you can with Trident’s TermPAC©.

  • One termination panel handles analog inputs and outputs. Each input channel supports 2 or 4 wire instruments.
  • Provides per-channel test points to connect a milliamp meter without breaking the loop.
  • Has a PTC fuse for each channel that resets automatically when a wiring short is repaired.
  • Works with Siemens PCS7 & APACS, Rockwell PlantPAx, Foxboro IA, Honeywell PKX & lx, Emerson Delta V.
  • So much more!





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