While Trident engineers are customizing control systems for clients, the Trident panel shop wires and builds the components needed for speed, accuracy, and reliability. Although all of Trident’s DCS products rely on computerization, all field devices are still connected through wired panels.

Trident is one of the few DCS providers with a UL accredited panel shop on site. The panels meet UL508A standards or UL698 depending on the project.

Kevin Heindel

At the center of it all is Kevin Heindel, a guy who says he started working on panels more than 30 years ago when Windows was new. He quickly admits he  is very detailed oriented and that works in the customer’s favor. “If I can make the numbers and wires line up neatly, our customers know we took the time and effort to make the work look good, as well as function properly. And, an orderly panel is easier for them to trace wiring in case its needed,” Heindel says.

Heindel estimates he creates thousands of IO connecting each year and uses more than 50,000 feet of wire annually. For Trident customers, the biggest need is customization and speed.

“Often we’re making modifications at the last minute, sometime hours before a panel cabinet has to ship,” Heindel said. “We’ve decreased the red tape of customer change requests, additions, or changes to the panels and we do all our testing onsite with the project engineer collaborating. If the engineer finds an issue, we can quickly make changes during testing so when the customer gets the panel, it’s a seamless installation.”

Trident’s ability to have design, engineering, and panel building in one location is a competitive asset. “So often our customers are on a tight timeline or are making changes, so providing high quality, turnkey service helps us stand apart from the competition,” said Trident CEO Jason Hurst.

In three decades of working in the field, Heindel says the biggest change has been the switch from ethernet versus hard-wired connections. The potential to transmit more data at higher speeds has changed how panels are configured and wired. He also cites Trident’s TermPAC© product as value added for customers.

“It reduces panel wiring time by 30%  and TermPAC© provides a host of convenient features for our customers that far exceeds standard terminations,” Heindel said.

For more information on certifications and capabilities of the Trident panel shop, please contact [email protected].

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