Case Study: Total DCS migration in under 60 hours

When you’re one of the largest ethanol plants in the United States, a system upgrade could present a serious production problem in terms of losing thousands of dollars a day in income. But Marquis Energy trusted Trident Automation to do just that—amazingly, in only 60 hours. Marquis Energy, located in Hennepin, Illinois, is the largest dry-mill ethanol facility in the country with a production capacity exceeding 300 million gallons per year. The plant was constructing a second 100+ million gallon […] Read More

Trident training an investment in productivity

You’ve had it happen before: your systems upgrade is installed and operational, until your team has to fine tune a process or train a new operator. That’s when you dig out the manual and forget everything you learned when the system was installed. That’s why Trident Automation invested in a networked Learning Center designed to keep customers updated with the latest information on their DCS. “Our philosophy is to give our customers comprehensive training so they understand all the parts […] Read More

Case Study: Deadline drives creative solutions in DCS installation for Elkhorn Valley Ethanol

There’s nothing like a critical deadline to spark creative engineering solutions. Trident was given only 3 days to install and startup a new DCS for Elkhorn Valley Ethanol plant. The project had more than 1,500 I/O connections that would require hours of painstaking installation and testing. Trident’s teams estimated it could take about a week to wire the system—and they only had a little over two days. That’s when inspiration hit Trident founder Jerry Wenzel. “There were literally thousands of […] Read More

We’re proud to be control freaks

What’s blue, covered in technology, and home to wildly creative brains? Why, that would be Trident’s booth at FEW! Make sure you visit us at booth #928 at the International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo in Milwaukee, Wis. June 20-23. Spend some time with our control system experts and you’ll find: Solutions for migrating your DCS to the latest systems. Updates in graphics and HMI designs equivalent to ergonomics for your body. Process simulation programs that are like a flight […] Read More